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Reuben Sandwich

House-brined corned beef on marble rye topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing accompanied by hand cut French fries (we DO NOT use saltpeter) 14


Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken tossed in Spirits’ special hot sauce on Texas toast with ranch, pickles and shredded lettuce; accompanied by Spirits’ house cut fries 13

Fried Chicken and Waffle Grilled Cheese

“Waffle Bread” grilled cheese sandwich with chicken tenders, Applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar and pimento cheese; accompanied by Spirits’ house-cut fries 14


Mac of the Month

Traditional four cheese mac n cheese baked with a vodka pink cream sauce, baked prosciutto, green peas, and topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses 14


Burger of the Month

Basic burger topped with braised BBQ brisket, jalapeno relish, and jalapeno aioli on the bun; accompanied by Spirits’ house-cut fries 14


Wing of the Month

Jalapeno Honey Lemon



We sincerely apologize if any of our featured dishes are ever unavailable. We strive to offer the finest cuisine with each item scratch-prepared daily from the freshest ingredients. Therefore, we refuse to compromise on this proud standard.


*Denotes item that may be cooked to order, served raw or undercooked, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients.

Warning: consuming undercooked or raw meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


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