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Dinner for 4 - $50


Spirits now offers the following take-out options:

**Must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance; call 919-462-7001 from 3pm - 8pm and ask for a manager

Each package is priced at $50 and is designed to feed a family of 4


If ordering more than 48 hours in advance (excluding holiday hours), feel free to email orders to You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours if your order was successfully received.

Package A                                                         
Mashed Potatoes                           
Side Vegetable                                 

Package B
Chicken Parmesan
Spaghetti Marinara
House Salad

Package C


House Salad

Garlic Bread sticks

Package D

Orange Chicken

Cilantro Rice

House Salad

Package E


Corn Bread

Side Vegetable                          

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